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Dragonfly Class Blog Term 4


We have been looking at multiplying and dividing a number by one and itself. If you divide a number by one, the answer will always be the number you start with. If you divide a number by itself the answer will always be one. We also looked at multiplying a number by zero. If you multiply a number by zero the answer will always be zero. This week we have been looking at factors. Factors are two numbers multiplied to make the product.


We have been writing an explanation text about the Water Cycle. We have learnt that the Water Cycle never ends. A fun fact is that we learnt was that we have drank the same water as the dinosaurs drank!


This week at school was STEM week! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We made liquid density towers, air powered cars, rolled up paper towers and paper bridges. We had a competition to see who’s could hold the most.


In topic we have been learning about mountains. There are many types of mountains like plateau, volcanic, fault-block, dome and fold. We also learnt about the features of mountains such as treeline, snowline, face, the summit and foot.


In music we have been learning the song Lean on Me. We have been looking at the tempo, the beat and the pace.

Today we have had the steelpan workshop. We learnt where the steel pan drum came from and how it was made. We even got to have a go at playing them a little. At the end the whole class got to do the Conga out of the hall and all the way back to class!!