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Investigating a sheep’s heart (as we are looking at the circulatory system), examining the veins and arteries inside the heart. It felt slimy and squishy. Miss Fowler cut open the heart to show us the inside of this muscle. At the end of the session we took part in a quiz about the heart with Team Equality winning the quiz.

In art we looked at drawing a landscape paying attention to horizons, prospective, fantasy and reality settings. We used pencils to draw our initial ideas, we will then look at drawing our final design using tints, tones and shades.

In PE we enjoyed playing handball both inside the hall and in the playground. We learnt in order to do a long throw you have to throw the ball overhead and for shorter distances you threw it from your chest. We also learnt some of the rules of the game as well as how to pivot on the spot.

In PPA one group learnt about Martin Luther King and the speeches he made (in particular the I have a dream speech). He was assassinated in 1963 for his beliefs. Following this we drew pictures of him and then painted it using watercolours. Incorporated in the picture were words showing what he wanted.

On Tuesday we had a lady from Family Trust spend time with us talking budgets, money and jobs. It was interesting and helpful.

In Maths we enjoyed learning and using the greater and lesser than symbols, negative numbers and place value up to 1,000,000.