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Rabbit blog

In Rabbit Class, we are doing really well learning about lots of new things. Sometimes we have found things a bit challenging, but we like it when this happens because then we know we are learning!


This term our topic is Misty Mountain, Winding River. We have learnt about the journey of a river and how it meanders around a country. It begins at the source and finally ends at the mouth. We had a look at the River Trent using Google Earth and could see the whole journey. Lucas said ‘It looked really cool!’ 


In English, we wrote diaries and imagined that we were journeying down a river. So that we could get ideas and really understand the journey, we used VR headsets and looked at rivers from around the world. Annabelle said ‘It was amazing because we got to see what it actually looks like and where in the world it was.’ We are now writing leaflets to teach other people about rivers around the world. We are going to use subordinating conjunctions to make sure everything is really well explained.


Our class book at the moment is ‘This Morning I Met a Whale’ by Michael Morpurgo. In the book, a boy meets a whale at the River Thames. The whale starts talking to him and tells him that humans need to save the oceans. Primrose likes the book because ‘it sounds like it’s really happened, even though it hasn’t’. Layla predicts that the whale will manage to find its home again.


In Maths, we have been really busy learning how to multiply by 3, 4 and 8! Princewell says ‘It’s been a challenge to multiply by 8, but I will use my growth mindset!’


In Science, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We did an experiment where we melted chocolate (which was solid) and it became a liquid! When the liquid cooled down again, it turned back to a solid – but not in the same shape as before. Maisy said ‘it smelt really nice in our class, but we wouldn’t eat it because it was in an experiment.’ 



In RE, we are learning to answer the question: What is the Trinity? We have learnt lots of new words and they have been challenging to know, but we are getting more confident each week. We have been thinking of some Big Questions we would love to know the answers to. Some of these are:

  • How did the first person step onto the world?
  • How was God made/ born?
  • How did God make the Earth?

And many many more!! 



We have written a class grace, which we share with each other at the end of every day! 



We have really enjoyed Term 3 so far – Princewell said it’s been the best term of his life!