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Fox Class Blog – Term 1

This term we are learning about Ancient China, we have learnt that there were multiple dynasties which are different times through the Chinese civilization history. It was the first civilisation to be named and it is also believed that they invented the compass.

In science we are learning about forces, we explored the difference between weight and mass which is measured in Newtons. This was invented by the scientist Isaac Newton in 1687. We found out that magnets have north and south, that opposites attract and the same repel. This has tied in with our PE lessons where we are doing outdoor adventure activities and we practiced using a compass to move around the playground.

In maths we have been revising place value and rounding, we have just started to practice column addition and subtraction using column method.

Our art lessons involve looking at tints, tones and shades and how artists use them to improve their creations. We have explored how to recreate colours in landscape paintings by mixing our own colours.

We are looking forward to reading our next book ‘The Willow Pattern Story’ and doing some more creative writing with it.