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Year 6 Hedgehog Class Blog Term 4

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Hedgehog class blog

In Maths the children have had a busy term studying decimals and percentages. After a tricky start, the children have made excellent progress with percentages. The class have continued to practice SATs style questions as we prepare for our year 6 assessments.

We have continued to develop our grammar skills through our creative writing. This term we looked at a graphic novel called ‘Wild’ which inspired us to write a letter from the wild to humans encouraging humans to be more mindful of their treatment of the natural world. We have also been practicing SATs style grammar questions covering different grammar forms: different forms of the past, relative clauses, pronouns, parenthesis.

The children are very much enjoying our class novel ‘The Secret Garden’. We have used the book to stimulate discussion and develop our reading skills. We have also used the book answer SATs style reading questions.

Through our topic of reproduction and aging we have continued to look at the life cycles of humans, animals and plants.

It has been fascinating learning more about the global food system. The children were very surprised to learn about the complicated global food system. We looked at case studies focused on the journey of coffee from farms in Peru and oranges from Brazil to supermarkets in England.

The children have been learning how to make a basic spreadsheet.

Our topic has been ‘Nature’s Art’. Children have been collecting different things from outside and using them to creative and imaginative pieces of artwork.