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It has been a very busy term, and Squirrel class have been working really hard in all areas of their learning. We have continued learning about Childhood, focussing on life and childhood in the 1950s and comparing it to today. We were very lucky to have a visit from Caroline, a volunteer at Faversham museum, who brought in some toys from the 1950s for the children to look at and play with. They made some fantastic observations about the ways these toys were similar to and different from their own toys, and used this knowledge when writing a non-chronological report about life in the 1950s. They also included information about shops, home life and travel from that decade.

In maths we have been using a part-whole model to help us find addition and subtraction fact families, including for number bonds to 10. We have been using practical equipment to help us solve addition and subtraction number sentences. We have told lots of ‘first, then, now’ number stories to help develop understanding and link real-life situations to number sentences and part-whole models, for example ‘First there were 2 sheep. Then 3 more came along. Now there are 5 sheep altogether.’

In Science we have been learning about the human body, identifying similarities and differences between people and thinking about the 5 senses. In PSHE we have been looking at celebrating differences.

We are saving our D&T for the end of the term when we will spend a whole day designing and making a junk model sleigh for Santa! We will be using all the things we learned about the properties of materials last term to design a canopy to protect him from sun, wind and rain. We want to make sure Santa and all the presents stay dry!

In RE We have been thinking about Christmas and learning the story of the nativity. We have considered what it means to Christians and thinking about how we celebrate and how we prepare for Christmas.

We have also been doing lots of singing this term in readiness for our Nativity, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at one of the performances in the last week of term!