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Year 4 Blog

This week in Maths we have been learning about rounding. To help us understand which multiples of 10 a number sits between, we created a human number line. Some of us held the multiples of 10 and some of us were given a number. We then had to find where we needed to go and then work out which multiple of 10 we were closer to. We have been using dice to help us find a selection of numbers in which we can then round them to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.


In English this week we have began to write instructions on how to make a stone age axe head. We learnt about how to write instructions when Mrs Butcher did not know how to open a door! We had to help her by giving her clear, precise instructions using imperative verbs.
Last week we finished writing our narrative about the stone age. There were so many different ideas from everybody. Some people travelled back in time to the stone age, some people were hunting for food and one person fought off a bear in a cave. We were able to edit and publish them for display.


In Art we have been learning about colour theory and how to mix different shades and tones of colours. We understand the colour wheel and what primary, secondary and complimentary colours are. We have also created some cave paintings using stencils and chalks on to brown and black paper.


In Science this term we have learnt all about our muscles and bones. We conducted an experiment with straws to learn about our joints and the names for lots of our bones. We also learnt about some animals and the different types of skeletons. Vertebrates have a spine and an endoskeleton, invertebrates have no spine and an exoskeleton.