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Year 4 – Dragonfly


Dragonfly Class Blog Term 4 Maths We have been looking at multiplying and dividing a number by one and itself. If you divide a number by one, the answer will always be the number you start with. If you divide a number by itself the answer will always be one. We also looked at multiplying...
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Maths In maths this term we have been learning about column subtraction and addition using 1000’s. we have started to look at inverse methods to check our answers.   English In English this term we have been doing ERIC based on “Odd and the Frost Giant”. It is about Thor, Loki and Odin getting transformed...
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We are really happy about being in Year 4 and are all getting on really well! Our topic this term is Invasion and we are learning about Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking and many more. We have learnt about the timeline, how they formed our country, and the effects it had on Britain. In our guided...
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